Tim O'Connor

Your Local Medicare Expert

Let me assist you by taking the confusion out of the Medicare process. Let's find the Medicare Health insurance plan that suits your needs. Licensed to help people manage Medicare. I specialize in Medicare Advantage Plans, Medigap (supplement) plans, and prescription drug plans.

Need Help Understanding Medicare?

Turning 65?

I'll explain what Medicare is, how it works, and your personal options.

Already have Medicare?

I can help you determine if you're on the right plan for your current situation.

I'll Help You Find the Medicare Health Insurance Plan that Best Meets Your Needs.

Knowing Your Options Counts!

Peace of Mind - Best Plans for You - Simple Enrollment

Why Choose Tim O'Connor Health Insurance?

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, Tim O'Connor is your local expert who understands the complexities of Medicare. He provides personalized assistance, ensuring you have a clear understanding of Medicare, its various options, and help you make informed decisions for your healthcare coverage.

Your Medicare Expert, Your Health Insurance Solution